9 Best Blog Name Generators to Help You Find Good Blog Name Ideas

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Are you looking for nan champion blog sanction generators?

Choosing your blog sanction is simply a very important decision. It plays a important domiciled successful your blog’s branding, marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

However, pinch millions of blogs online already, it is simply a spot difficult to find a catchy sanction for your website. Luckily, location are respective online devices that tin thief you find awesome blog sanction ideas.

Blog sanction generators are online devices that make blog sanction ideas based connected nan keywords you enter. They usage clever hacks to make unsocial blog names that you tin use.

In this article, we will stock immoderate of nan champion blog sanction generators to thief you find a catchy and brandable blog name.

Best Blog Name Generators

What Makes a Good Blog Name?

A bully blog sanction is short, unique, memorable, and contains your main keywords.

Your blog’s main keyword is nan superior taxable of your full website. This makes it easy for group willing successful that taxable to observe your blog.

For example, our blog sanction is WPBeginner, which is short, simple, and easy to remember. It includes nan keywords for our target audience: ‘WP’ (WordPress) and ‘Beginner’.

Making your caller blog sanction unsocial tin thief build a beardown brand. However, if you prime a generic aliases communal name, past it will beryllium difficult for group to separate your blog from others.

For example, ‘The Simple Dollar’ blog utilized a operation of communal words to create an easy-to-remember and brandable sanction for their successful blog.

If you are creating a individual blog, past you tin besides usage your sanction arsenic your blog’s name.

There are galore celebrated blogs named aft nan bloggers’ names, including Michael Hyatt, Syed Balkhi, and others.

To study much astir choosing a cleanable blog name, spot our afloat guideline connected how to prime nan champion domain for your blog.

With that said, let’s return a look astatine nan champion blog sanction generators to travel up pinch awesome ideas for your adjacent blog.

Best Blog Name Generators for 2023

These blog sanction generators usage random connection combinations pinch your main keyword to thief you find disposable blog names that you tin usage to start a blog.

1. Nameboy

Nameboy Best Domain and Blog Name Generator

Nameboy is nan oldest and astir celebrated blog sanction generator disposable connected nan market. This free name-searching instrumentality is easy to use, quick, and highly efficient.

All you request to do is to participate your keyword(s) and click nan ‘Submit’ button. Then, it will make tons of imaginative blog names based connected your keywords.

For example, if you want to commencement a blog astir fitness, past you tin hunt for nan term’ fitness.’ Here is really nan results will look.

Nameboy Blog Name Search Results

Now, you tin prime nan champion sanction from hundreds of results. If you don’t find a cleanable caller domain, you tin hunt again utilizing different keyword combinations, synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and more.

Once you person selected a caller sanction for your blog, you tin click nan ‘View Details’ fastener adjacent to your blog sanction chosen. Doing truthful will unfastened nan Bluehost website, wherever you tin registry your blog sanction and besides bargain hosting for it.

At Bluehost, you will get a large discount connected WordPress hosting, free SSL, and a free domain name.

2. WPBeginner Business Name Generator

WPBeginner Business Name Generator

WPBeginner’s AI-powered business sanction generator instrumentality tin thief you find catchy blog sanction ideas for your caller project.

All you person to do is participate 1 aliases 2 keywords successful nan hunt barroom and past click nan ‘Generate’ button.

Next, nan instrumentality will show you a ample database of disposable blog names based connected your keywords.

For example, if you are looking to start a manner blog, a imaginable keyword could beryllium ‘fashion’. Here’s really nan results will look.

WPBeginner Business Name Generator Results

The champion point astir this instrumentality is that it besides shows you each domain’s readiness status, redeeming you clip while you brainstorm.

You tin click connected nan sanction to registry nan blog domain sanction done 1 of nan domain registrars and prevention money.

WPBeginner’s business sanction generator tin beryllium utilized to travel up pinch a blog name, eCommerce shop name, YouTube transmission name, and more.

This instrumentality besides shows you each top-level domains (TLDs) and different niche TLDs, truthful you person various domains to take from.

3. IsItWP

IsItWP Blog Name Generator

IsItWP comes pinch an intelligent sanction generator tool. It creates tons of clever sanction suggestions and helps you to prime nan champion sanction for your blog.

Simply participate your keywords aliases marque sanction and past click nan ‘Generate Names’ button. After that, it will travel up pinch a database of names based connected your keywords.

For example, if you are looking for manner blog names, past a imaginable keyword whitethorn beryllium ‘happy life.’ If you hunt that successful nan IsItWP sanction generator, present is really it will show results.

IsItWP Blog Name Generator Search Results

As you tin spot successful nan screenshot above, you will spot a assortment of combinations for your keywords. If you don’t find a suitable name, past you tin commencement a caller search.

4. Domain.com

Domain.com Blog Name Search and Registration

Domain.com is 1 of nan champion domain sanction registrars. It comes pinch a powerful blog and business sanction generator, which shows you dozens of blog names pinch nan respective costs for registration.

When you hunt for a keyword, it will first cheque nan readiness of nan .com domain for nan word. It will uncover different related names for you if it is unavailable. It shows some caller and premium domain names.

For example, let’s find a sanction for a recreation blog. You will spot nan hunt results beneath if you participate ‘travel’ arsenic your keyword.

Domain.com Blog Name Search Results

The .com domain for this sanction is not available. The .net type is disposable for a premium price. And location are much options pinch different extensions. Simply scroll down nan page to spot much blog sanction suggestions.

It’s important to make judge that you debar names pinch hyphens and numbers because they are little brandable.

Once you prime your blog title, you tin proceed to register. Domain.com is simply a awesome spot for domain registration.

Domain.com is offering WPBeginner readers a 25% discount connected domain products. All you person to do is either click connected nan nexus from our website aliases usage our Domain.com coupon code: nameboy

5. Blog Tyrant

Blogtyrant Blog Name Generator

Blog Tyrant has a free domain sanction generator designed specifically to thief bloggers brainstorm ideas.

Once you participate nan keyword, it will show you dozens of imaginative ideas truthful you tin usage them to commencement a blog quickly.

BlogTyrant Blog Name Generator Results

Unlike nan WPBeginner business sanction generator, this instrumentality doesn’t show you nan domain readiness position by default. You’ll person to click connected nan View Details fastener to spot whether each domain is available.

6. Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is 1 of nan astir celebrated domain registrars, pinch complete 6 cardinal domains registered connected their platform.

They person a built-in blog domain sanction generator that shows you a database of ideas based connected your keyword. All you person to do is participate your keyword successful nan hunt field, and it will look for whether nan .com is disposable aliases not.

After that, it will show you a database of different domain extensions arsenic good arsenic premium blog domain names that you tin acquisition arsenic well.

Network Solutions Domain Generator

As you tin see, while nan .com domain isn’t disposable to register, it’s a premium domain for waste that you tin purchase. Their blog sanction generator besides shows america different domain extensions for illustration .website and others.

Once you prime your blog domain name, you tin proceed to register. They are offering WPBeginner readers 25% disconnected domain registration. Simply usage our Network Solutions coupon code: WPBEGINNER

7. DomainWheel

Domain Wheel

DomainWheel is an awesome blog sanction proposal tool. It helps you quickly place nan disposable domain names for your blog pinch your desired keyword.

Simply adhd 1 aliases much keywords to nan domain hunt section and click nan ‘Search Domain’ button. Domain Wheel will travel up pinch galore apical domain names for your search.

For example, we searched ‘yummy bites’ to find a sanction for a food blog.

Domain Wheel Blog Name Search Results

Scrolling down nan results page, you tin find random naming ideas from Domain Wheel. These are short names that it believes tin beryllium utilized to build a bully brand.

If you deliberation you tin build a marque pinch your ain name, past you tin commencement pinch 1 of these names. Many of today’s celebrated brands started pinch uncommon words, for illustration Google, Facebook, Reddit, and truthful on.

8. NameStation


NameStation makes it easy to find awesome blog names by offering sanction ideas successful various categories. You’ll request to group up an relationship connected their tract to hunt for a blog name.

It lets you tally domain sanction contests to find nan champion business name. You tin group up nan sanction title and get entries and votes from users to find nan champion user-suggested domain name.

Domain Name Contest by Name Station

You will spot aggregate blog sanction suggestions wrong a fewer days. This will make it easy for you to prime a blog name, and you’ll person caller ideas.

Pick a sanction by clicking, and it will unfastened nan GoDaddy website for registration.

However, you tin besides registry pinch different registrars for illustration Bluehost and SiteGround.

9. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search - Blog Domain Name Generator

Lean Domain Search is simply a elemental and user-friendly blog sanction finder tool. It is tally by Automattic, nan institution down WordPress.com.

After you hunt your keyword(s), it will show a database of blog sanction suggestions successful seconds.

For example, if you scheme to commencement a manner blog, past you whitethorn want to usage ‘top fashion’ successful your blog name. Let’s hunt for nan terms.

Lean Domain Search - Blog Name Generator Search Results

If you for illustration immoderate sanction successful nan list, conscionable click connected it to cheque its availability. If it is available, you will spot registration options pinch Bluehost aliases WordPress.com.

Selecting WordPress.com intends utilizing nan WordPress.com website builder. If you want to big your blog yourself connected nan celebrated blogging platform, past we urge registering your blog sanction and buying hosting from Bluehost.

For much details, spot our afloat comparison of fully hosted WordPress.com vs. self-hosted WordPress.org.

One of nan different awesome features of Lean Domain Search is that it besides searches for sanction readiness connected societal media platforms for illustration Twitter.

Want to Register Your Blog Name for Free?

Once you person chosen your blog name, you will request to registry it earlier anyone else. You should besides make judge that you are getting nan champion deal.

WPBeginner users tin now registry a blog sanction free astatine Bluehost connected purchasing WordPress hosting. The champion portion of this woody is that you will get up to 77% disconnected web hosting.

Normally, a domain/ blog sanction costs $12 per year, and a hosting relationship costs astir $11.99 per month.

Bluehost connection for WPBeginner readers

But Bluehost allows you to commencement your blog for conscionable $2.75 per month.

If you request thief starting your blog, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to create a blog for beginners.

After you’ve group up your blog, you tin usage our proven tips to increase blog traffic and effort retired nan strategies from our guideline connected how to make money blogging.

You whitethorn besides want to usage our master prime of must-have WordPress plugins to thief you turn your blog.

We dream these blog sanction generators helped you create a cool blog name. If you want to return your blog to nan adjacent level, you tin spot our guides below.

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