How to Accept Alipay Payments in WordPress (2 Easy Methods)

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Are you wondering really to person Alipay payments successful WordPress?

Alipay is simply a integer wallet based successful China pinch complete 1 cardinal progressive users. Accepting Alipay payments connected your WordPress tract intends you unfastened nan doorway to a broader audience, perchance expanding your sales.

In this article, we will explicate really to judge Alipay payments successful WordPress. That way, you tin pat into a ample marketplace of users who for illustration utilizing this costs method.


Why Should You Accept Alipay Payments successful WordPress?

Alipay is simply a costs app that allows users to nonstop and person money online. It is simply a ascendant subordinate successful nan Chinese marketplace and is now gaining fame successful Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and crossed nan world.

It’s besides not conscionable utilized by world users. Many home dropshipping stores that bargain products wholesale usage Alipay arsenic well. That’s because Alipay is nan superior costs method for Alibaba and AliExpress, which are 2 eCommerce giants.

Alipay is good connected its measurement to serving complete 2 cardinal customers worldwide, truthful adding it arsenic a costs action will thief you pat into a immense marketplace and pull customers from regions wherever Alipay is popular.

That being said, let’s dive into nan 2 ways you tin judge Alipay payments. You tin usage our links to jump to skip up to nan method you prefer:

Method 1: Easily Collect Alipay Payments With WP Simple Pay (Recommended)

For this method, we will usage WP Simple Pay, which is nan best Stripe costs plugin connected nan market. With this plugin, you tin judge payments without needing to group up immoderate analyzable APIs connected your site.

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay integrates into Stripe’s costs options, which allows businesses utilizing Stripe to judge payments from customers who want to salary pinch Alipay.

The bully news is you tin usage WP Simple Pay Lite since it tin judge Alipay payments. Best of all, it’s 100% free.

Note: You will request WP Simple Pay Pro for entree to nan Alipay payments form. With nan free version, you tin only create an Alipay costs fastener to adhd to your pages. Also, you won’t beryllium capable to build on-site costs forms without nan paid plan.

For astir businesses, we urge WP Simple Pay Pro. This paid type accepts 10+ costs methods and offers recurring payments, buy now, salary later plans, and an precocious shape builder.

For this tutorial, we will beryllium utilizing nan Pro scheme truthful that we tin build a costs shape to judge Alipay payments. The process is nan aforesaid pinch nan free plan, but you will person entree to less features.

Step 1: Install and Activate WP Simple Pay

To begin, you’ll request to instal and activate nan WP Simple Pay plugin. If you request help, publication our tutorial connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, nan plugin will automatically motorboat nan WP Simple Pay setup wizard. You’ll request to click connected nan ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.

Lets get started button

Step 2: Complete nan Setup Wizard

You’ll beryllium taken to nan adjacent measurement successful nan process. From there, you’ll person to create a caller Stripe relationship aliases link to an existing one. Click nan ‘Connect pinch Stripe’ fastener to move to nan adjacent screen.

Connect to stripe

Assuming you already person a Stripe account, you tin type successful your email reside and click nan ‘Continue’ button.

It will merge your Stripe information into your site. That way, each of nan payments you person will spell to your Stripe account.

Connect stripe

From here, you’ll beryllium prompted to prime your Stripe account.

Then deed ‘Connect.’ Or you tin take to create a caller relationship instead.

Connect Stripe to WP Simple Pay

Step 3: Create a Form to Accept Alipay Payments

Once you’ve connected your Stripe account, you will request to create a costs form.

Go up and click nan ‘Create a Payment Form’ button.

Setup complete wp elemental salary

You will onshore connected a template room wherever you tin prime 1 from nan galore pre-built templates for your form.

Next, look for nan ‘Alipay Payment Form’ and click connected ‘Use Template.’

Alipay costs form

As soon arsenic you take nan template, you will beryllium taken to an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

You will besides beryllium prompted to configure nan General settings. This is wherever you will customize nan title, description, shape type, and more.

There are besides options to adhd a CAPTCHA and email verification fastener to forestall fake orders.

General tab WP Simple Pay

If you spell to nan ‘Confirmation Page’ tab, you tin configure wherever you nonstop users erstwhile they complete nan form.

By default, WP Simple Pay will show a civilization occurrence page erstwhile a customer makes a payment. But you tin prime ‘Custom Page’ if you’d for illustration to show a different page hosted connected your WordPress site. This is simply a awesome opportunity to nonstop them to a thank you page and moreover upsell them connected much products aliases services.

Or, if you for illustration to redirect customers to an outer page, you tin prime ‘External URL.’ You tin besides adhd a ‘Payment Success Message’ to convey customers and show them what they tin expect from you next.

Confirmation page

After that, you request to spell to nan ‘Payment’ tab connected nan left.

This is wherever you will group nan ‘Default Price.’

Price options

And nether nan ‘Payment Methods,’ beryllium judge to cheque disconnected nan container adjacent to Alipay to statesman accepting Alipay payments connected your site.

You tin besides take different costs methods, specified arsenic a Card aliases ACH nonstop deposit. If you person WP Simple Pay Pro, you will person afloat entree to 13 costs methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay, Klarna, Cashapp, and more.

Alipay costs methods

Then, spell to nan ‘Form Fields’ tab connected nan left. Here, you tin adhd aliases alteration immoderate existing shape fields.

All you request to do is deed nan dropdown paper nether ‘Form Fields’ and click ‘Add Field.’

Form fields WP Simple Pay

You person plentifulness of options to take from, specified arsenic phone, address, coupon, and more.

Step 4: Publish Your Alipay Form

Once your shape is fresh to go, make judge to prevention your changes. Next up, you are fresh to people and embed your Alipay payments shape connected your site.

Go up and click nan ‘Publish’ fastener connected nan correct side.

publish shape

Now, you will request to embed nan shape successful your WordPress website. Just spell to nan station aliases page wherever you want to see your form. This could beryllium a services page, a merchandise page, aliases anyplace else.

On nan apical near corner, deed nan ‘+’ button.

+ icon page

Search for nan WP Simple Pay artifact to adhd it to your page.

You’ll spot nan artifact look successful nan block editor.

WP elemental salary artifact insert

In nan dropdown menu, simply prime nan Alipay costs shape you’ve conscionable created.

You will spot nan shape embedded into your page.

Choose shape

Finally, deed ‘Publish’ aliases ‘Update.’

There you person it. Now you cognize really to easy cod Alipay payments connected your WordPress site.

publish alipay

Don’t hide to trial nan shape to guarantee payments are going through.

Here’s an illustration of what nan shape should look like:

alipay costs shape preview

Method 2: Accept WooCommerce Alipay Payments With Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin

If you tally a WooCommerce store, past you whitethorn want to usage a costs plugin instead. While you tin adhd a WP Simple Pay fastener aliases shape to your merchandise pages, it whitethorn not embed into nan shape arsenic seamlessly.

With a WooCommerce plugin, Alipay will merge smoothly into nan costs page arsenic a checkbox that customers tin tick disconnected during nan checkout process.

Step 1: Install nan WooCommerce Stripe Plugin

To get started, you will request to download nan free WooCommerce Stripe plugin. This plugin will redirect users to nan Alipay costs page, wherever they tin log successful and authorize nan payment.

Go to nan WooCommerce Stripe plugin page and click connected ‘Free Download.’

Stripe by WooCommerce free download

From here, you will beryllium directed to nan cart page.

Check that nan bid specifications are correct and deed ‘Proceed to Checkout.’

My cart

You’ll beryllium taken to nan checkout page. All you request to do is participate your sanction and email address.

After that, conscionable click connected nan ‘Pay $0.00’ button.

Pay button

You’ll beryllium directed to nan convey you page.

Just click nan ‘Download’ fastener truthful you tin download nan plugin files to your computer.

download stripe plugin

From here, each you request to do is instal nan WooCommerce Stripe plugin by uploading it to WordPress. If you request help, you tin travel our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Enable Alipay successful WooCommerce

Upon activation, you request to caput complete to WooCommerce » Settings in your WordPress dashboard. Then spell up and navigate to nan ‘Payments’ tab.

WooCommerce payments tab

If you scroll down nan page, you will find ‘Stripe Alipay’ arsenic a costs method.

Simply toggle connected nan fastener to alteration Alipay for your WooCommerce site. Click connected ‘Save changes’ astatine nan bottom.

Then spell up and click ‘Finish group up’ adjacent to nan Alipay option.

Set up Stripe Alipay

Step 3: Add Your Stripe Account

You will now beryllium asked to merge your Stripe account.

Just deed nan ‘Create aliases link an relationship button’ to adhd your Stripe relationship to WooCommerce.

Connect stripe to alipay

All you person to do is take your Stripe relationship and click ‘Connect.’

If you don’t person a Stripe relationship yet, past you tin prime ‘Create a caller account.’

Connect Stripe to WooCommerce

Step 4: Activate Alipay

Now, your Stripe relationship is afloat connected to your online store.

You will request to spell backmost to nan ‘Payments’ tab. Next to nan ‘Stripe Alipay’ method, click connected ‘Manage.’

Manage Stripe Alipay

This is wherever you will beryllium capable to configure nan Alipay settings, specified arsenic nan sanction and explanation that look connected your checkout page.

Go up and click connected nan ‘Activate successful your Stripe Dashboard link.’

Activate successful Stripe dashboard

You will beryllium directed to your Stripe account’s costs method tab successful nan settings.

Scroll down to find ‘Alipay,’ and adjacent to it, click connected ‘Request access.’

Alipay petition entree

From here, a popup connection will look asking if you want to activate Alipay payments.

Simply deed nan ‘Continue’ fastener to judge Alipay payments successful your WooCommerce store.

Activate alipay

After you’ve requested access, you request to hold for Stripe to o.k. your account. It should return astir 1-2 business days earlier you tin statesman accepting Alipay payments.

When you are approved, you should person an email from Stripe letting you cognize that Alipay has been activated for your Stripe account.

stripe email activated

On apical of that, you will want to spell to your Stripe account’s payment methods and make judge that it doesn’t opportunity ‘Pending’ adjacent to Alipay.

Otherwise, you’ll person to hold until Stripe approves your request.

Alipay approval

Now, each you request to do is cheque that nan Alipay method appears astatine checkout for your customers.

Go to immoderate merchandise page and spell done nan checkout progress. Under nan bid summary, you should spot an action for customers to salary pinch Alipay.

Alipay checkout action

When nan customer places an order, they should beryllium sent straight to nan Alipay login page. That is wherever they tin log successful to their Alipay relationship and finalize their payment.

Then, nan money goes consecutive into your Stripe relationship done nan integration.

Alipay location

There you person it! Now, you are fresh to judge Alipay payments successful your WooCommerce store.

We besides urge adding different WooCommerce costs gateways, specified arsenic PayPal and Square, to springiness customers much options to take from.

We dream this article helped you study really to judge Alipay payments successful WordPress. You whitethorn besides want to spot our guideline connected how to easy judge in installments paper payments successful WordPress and our picks for nan must-have WordPress plugins and devices for business sites.

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