How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress

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Are you looking for a measurement to automatically station caller Instagram photos connected your WordPress site?

By adding caller Instagram photos to your website, you tin summation marque vulnerability and moreover thrust much postulation to your Instagram account. These photos tin besides make your WordPress website much charismatic and interactive.

In this article, we will show you really to automatically station caller Instagram photos to WordPress, measurement by step.

Automatically station caller Instagram photos to WordPress

Why Post Instagram Photos to WordPress?

Instagram has complete 2 cardinal monthly progressive users, and it allows group to stock videos and images connected nan societal media platform. It moreover lets group observe caller personification accounts based connected what they already like.

If you already person a WordPress website and conscionable started utilizing Instagram, past you tin easy summation much followers by posting your caller Instagram photos connected your website.

This tin thief you build societal impervious by showing that you are progressive connected Instagram, interact pinch your assemblage connected nan platform, and summation nan magnitude of clip visitors walk connected your site.

That being said, let’s return a look astatine really to easy and automatically station caller Instagram photos to WordPress. You tin usage nan speedy links beneath to jump to nan different methods:

Method 1: Add Instagram Photo arsenic a New Post successful WordPress

This method is for users who want to create a caller blog station showing their latest Instagram photo.

You tin easy do this utilizing IFTTT (If This Then That), which is simply a powerful instrumentality that lets you automate your WordPress tract pinch societal media.

First, you request to sojourn nan IFTTT website and click connected nan ‘Get Started’ fastener successful nan apical correct area of nan screen.

Click nan Get Started fastener connected IFTTT

After that, you person to log successful aliases create your caller relationship connected nan website.

Once you’ve done that, conscionable sojourn your IFTTT dashboard and click nan ‘Create’ fastener successful nan apical correct area to commencement building an applet.

Click Create to commencement building an applet

This will return you to a caller page wherever you person to configure nan trigger and action settings.

You tin commencement by clicking connected nan ‘Add’ fastener adjacent to nan ‘If This’ option.

Click nan Add fastener adjacent to If This option

You will past beryllium directed to nan ‘Choose a service’ page, wherever you person to prime a level for nan trigger.

If you want to people a blog station each clip a caller photograph is uploaded to your Instagram account, past you will person to prime Instagram arsenic nan service.

Choose Instagram arsenic nan service

This will return you to nan ‘Choose a trigger’ page.

From here, simply take nan ‘Any caller photograph by you’ action arsenic nan trigger.

Choose Instagram trigger

You will now beryllium taken to nan ‘Connect Service’ page, wherever you person to link your Instagram relationship to IFTTT.

To do this, conscionable click nan ‘Connect’ button.

Connect Instagram pinch IFTTT

This will unfastened an Instagram punctual successful a caller model wherever you person to log successful to your account.

Once you do that, IFTTT will inquire for support to person your Instagram relationship media information. Simply toggle connected nan ‘Media’ move and click nan ‘Allow’ button.

Toggle nan media switch

You will now beryllium redirected to nan IFTTT page, wherever your Instagram relationship has been connected.

From here, click nan ‘Create trigger’ fastener to complete nan process.

Click nan Create Trigger button

Now that your trigger has been created, it’s clip to create nan action. This is what will hap aft nan trigger occurs.

For this, you person to click nan ‘Add’ fastener adjacent to nan ‘Then That’ option.

Click nan Add fastener adjacent to nan Then That option

You will again beryllium directed to nan ‘Choose a service’ page.

This time, find and prime WordPress arsenic your service.

Choose WordPress arsenic nan work for action

Now, you will beryllium taken to nan ‘Choose an action’ page, wherever you person to prime an action that your website will return erstwhile nan trigger happens.

From here, you request to take nan ‘Create a photograph post’ action arsenic nan action.

Choose an action

This will return you to a caller page wherever you will person to adhd your website URL and login specifications to link it pinch IFTTT.

Once you person done that, simply click nan ‘Create action’ fastener astatine nan bottommost of nan page.

Click Create action button

You will now beryllium directed to nan caller screen, wherever you will beryllium capable to spot nan trigger and action that you person created utilizing IFTTT.

If you want, you tin besides edit these actions by clicking connected nan ‘Edit’ link. However, if you don’t want to make immoderate changes, past simply click nan ‘Continue’ button.

Click nan Continue fastener successful IFTTT

This will return you to a caller surface wherever you tin alteration your applet title and toggle nan move if you want to person a notification each clip this applet is used.

Finally, click nan ‘Finish’ button.

Click Finish to create an applet

You tin now station a caller photograph to your Instagram account, and it will beryllium automatically posted to your WordPress site.

This is what it looked for illustration connected our demo WordPress blog.

Instagram photograph successful WordPress preview

Method 2: Display Your Instagram Feed connected Your WordPress Site

This method is for users who conscionable want to show their Instagram feeds connected their WordPress websites without creating caller blog posts.

You tin easy do this utilizing nan Instagram Feed plugin by Smash Balloon. It is nan best WordPress Instagram plugin that allows you to easy adhd your Instagram provender to immoderate page aliases post.

First, you request to instal and activate nan Instagram Feed plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Note: The Instagram Feed plugin besides has a free version. However, we will beryllium utilizing nan paid scheme for this tutorial arsenic it has much customization options.

Upon activation, caput complete to nan Instagram Feed » Settings page from nan WordPress admin sidebar to participate your licence key.

You tin find this accusation successful your relationship connected nan Smash Balloon website.

Activate nan Instagram Feed Pro plugin licence key

Once you person done that, you request to sojourn the Instagram Feed » All Feeds page from nan WordPress dashboard.

Here, click nan ‘+ Add New’ fastener to commencement embedding your Instagram feed.

Click nan Add New fastener to commencement creating your Instagram feed

You’ll now beryllium directed to nan ‘Create an Instagram Feed’ screen, wherever you must prime nan ‘User Timeline’ action arsenic nan provender type.

This intends that Smash Balloon will now straight fetch posts for nan provender from your Instagram relationship and update nan provender automatically erstwhile you station caller photos.

After that, click nan ‘Next’ fastener to continue.

Choose nan User timeline provender option

Once you do that, you will beryllium taken to nan ‘Select 1 aliases much sources’ page.

To link your Instagram relationship to your website, conscionable click nan ‘+ Add Source’ button.

Click nan Add Sources button

This will nonstop you to nan Smash Balloon website, wherever you will beryllium asked to prime your Instagram relationship type.

Keep successful mind that if you person a individual Instagram account, past Smash Balloon will automatically link your website pinch it.

However, if you person a business Instagram account, past it must beryllium connected to your Facebook page, which will past beryllium connected pinch Smash Balloon.

For this tutorial, we will beryllium selecting nan ‘Personal’ option.

Choose Personal action arsenic nan Instagram relationship type

Now, you will beryllium taken to nan adjacent step.

Here, you person to click connected nan ‘Connect pinch Instagram’ fastener to move forward.

Click Connect pinch Instagram button

The Instagram level will unfastened up connected nan screen, and you will person to log successful to your account.

Once you person done that, Smash Balloon will inquire for your support to cod information from your Instagram account. Simply click nan ‘Allow’ button.

Give support to Smash Balloon website

You person now successfully connected your Instagram relationship to your website.

Now, you request to prime your relationship and click nan ‘Next’ fastener connected nan ‘Select 1 aliases much sources’ page.

Choose Instagram relationship arsenic source

This will nonstop you to nan ‘Start pinch a template’ page, wherever you tin take immoderate of nan premade templates offered by Smash Balloon for your Instagram photograph feed.

After that, click nan ‘Next’ button.

Select Instagram provender template

The plugin will now load your Instagram provender successful its unrecorded preview editor. Here, you will announcement a provender preview connected nan correct broadside and nan settings file connected nan near broadside of nan screen.

To commencement customizing your Instagram feed, click connected nan ‘Layout’ tab.

Instagram provender successful nan unrecorded preview editor

This will unfastened immoderate settings successful nan near column, wherever you tin alteration your layout to carousel, grid, highlight, aliases masonry.

Keep successful mind that if you are utilizing nan free plugin, past immoderate of nan customization options whitethorn beryllium locked for you.

Once you person done that, you tin besides configure nan feed’s height, padding, and nan number of posts that will beryllium displayed successful nan provender from here.

Configure layout settings of nan Instagram feed

Next, click connected nan ‘Color Scheme’ tab from nan near column.

You tin support your Instagram provender successful ray aliases acheronian mode aliases moreover create your ain civilization colour strategy for it by choosing nan ‘Custom’ option.

Configure provender colour scheme

After that, click connected nan ‘Posts’ tab from nan near column.

Here, you tin customize nan individual station types, backgrounds, borders, and station radius.

Configure station style

Next, you tin click connected nan ‘Load More Button’ aliases ‘Follow Button’ tabs to adhd those buttons to your feeds.

For much specifications connected customization settings, please spot our tutorial connected how to easy embed Instagram successful WordPress.

Finally, click nan ‘Save’ fastener astatine nan apical to shop your settings.

Save instagram feed

Now, it’s clip for you to embed your Instagram provender connected a WordPress page aliases post.

To do this, sojourn nan Instagram Feed » All Feeds page from nan WordPress dashboard.

Once you are there, conscionable transcript nan shortcode for nan Instagram provender that you created.

Copy provender shortcode

After that, unfastened a WordPress page aliases station of your liking successful nan artifact editor.

From here, click nan adhd artifact ‘+’ fastener successful nan apical near area of nan surface to adhd nan Instagram Feed block.

Next, paste nan shortcode you copied earlier into nan ‘Shortcode Settings’ section.

Add nan shortcode for your Instagram feed

Finally, click nan ‘Update’ aliases ‘Publish’ fastener to shop your settings.

You tin now sojourn your WordPress tract to position nan Instagram provender successful action.

Instagram provender preview

Bonus: Create an Image Gallery successful WordPress

Embedding your Instagram provender connected your website is conscionable 1 measurement to show disconnected your photography. Alternatively, you tin create your ain image assemblage successful WordPress.

This tin beryllium highly adjuvant if you person a photography website aliases sell images utilizing Easy Digital Downloads. It tin besides make your website look much charismatic successful general.

Plus, if you person an online store, past creating a assemblage for merchandise images tin thief you show each your products successful 1 spot and thief boost sales.

Envira Gallery is nan champion plugin for adding an charismatic image assemblage to your WordPress website.

Envira Gallery

It is nan best WordPress assemblage plugin that comes pinch a drag-and-drop builder, premade assemblage templates, societal sharing, image compression, watermarking, pagination, and truthful overmuch more. The plugin tin besides merge pinch Pinterest, Instagram, WooCommerce, and Beaver Builder.

For much details, please spot our tutorial connected how to create an image assemblage successful WordPress.

We dream this article helped you study really to automatically station caller Instagram photos to WordPress. You whitethorn besides want to spot our tutorial connected how to create a civilization Facebook provender successful WordPress and our apical picks for nan best societal media plugins for WordPress.

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