How to Convert WooCommerce Visitors into Customers (9 Tips)

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Do you want to person visitors to your WooCommerce shop into customers?

Bringing postulation to your WooCommerce shop is only half nan battle. The different half is to person those visitors into paying customers. One of nan ways you tin optimize your online shop is by utilizing targeted messages and offering incentives to boost conversions.

In this article, we will show you really to easy person WooCommerce visitors into customers.

How to person WooCommerce visitors into customers

Why Do You Need Conversion Optimization for Your WooCommerce Store?

Most eCommerce stores trust connected search engines aliases paid advertizing campaigns for traffic.

There are galore different ways to get much traffic to your website. However, much than 75% of visitors who find your website done hunt engines will ne'er find it again. Of nan group who instrumentality around, only a mini percent of them will adhd products to their carts.

In nan end, much than 69% of shopping carts are abandoned without making a purchase. Shipping costs, a analyzable checkout experience, and bad creation are among nan apical reasons for abandoned carts.

Considering these statistics, your WooCommerce store will proceed losing imaginable income if you don’t activity connected converting those visitors into customers.

How Do You Convert Visitors Into Customers?

The process and method that is utilized to person visitors into customers is called conversion complaint optimization (CRO). Marketers and usability experts usage CRO to successfully thrust visitors to go customers.

Basically, you region obstacles that impact a user’s acquisition connected your WordPress website. You besides supply incentives that person users to buy.

Lastly, if a personification must time off without making a purchase, past your extremity is to effort and get their accusation done lead generation. This allows you to pass pinch them via email and connection personalized messages, typical discounts, aliases caller merchandise announcements.

In nan early days of eCommerce, you needed programming skills to activity connected each these tasks, but not anymore. Now, you person devices that make it highly easy to do each these things without penning codification aliases acquiring immoderate caller method skills.

That being said, let’s return a look astatine different ways you tin person WooCommerce visitors into customers.

1. Offer Discount Coupons and Free Shipping

One of nan easiest ways of converting visitors into customers is by offering incentives for illustration discounts and free shipping.

They besides thief person abandoning visitors and reduce abandoned carts. For instance, if a visitant is astir to exit your online shop without checking out, past you tin show a popup pinch a discount coupon.

WooCommerce popup preview

The champion measurement to show discounts, flash sales, free shipping, and different offers is by utilizing OptinMonster. It is nan champion conversion optimization and lead procreation software.

OptinMonster lets you create different campaigns for your WooCommerce store, including popups, slide-in scroll boxes, floating bars, countdown timers, sidebar forms, and in-line forms.

Besides that, it offers powerful show rules to show nan run to nan correct personification astatine nan correct time.

Ecommerce show rules

For instance, it allows eCommerce targeting, wherever you tin show your campaigns based connected cart total, circumstantial merchandise pages, really agelong a customer has spent successful your online store, and more.

For much details, spot our guideline connected how to create a WooCommerce popup to summation sales.

You tin besides create a spin-to-win campaign to connection discount coupons and free shipping to users. This helps create engagement and is simply a nosy measurement to boost conversions.

OptinMonster Spin Wheel Campaign

2. Promote Products That Your Audience Prefers

Another measurement to get much conversions successful your WooCommerce shop is by figuring retired which products your assemblage likes nan astir and past promoting them. This way, you tin amended nan visibility of top-selling products and boost conversions.

To find retired which products your visitors prefer, you tin usage MonsterInsights. It is nan champion Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that helps you group up precocious search without editing code.

MonsterInsights lets you set up eCommerce tracking, which helps grounds conversions, revenue, and personification behaviour successful your WooCommerce store. It besides offers eCommerce reports, truthful you tin easy position apical products wrong your WordPress dashboard.

How to group up eCommerce search connected a WooCommerce store

Once you cognize which products your assemblage prefers, nan adjacent measurement is to beforehand them successful your WooCommerce store.

A elemental measurement to do that is by improving their visibility truthful users tin easy find and acquisition them. For example, you tin show top-selling products nether different items, successful nan sidebar, aliases wrong your content.

Showing best-selling products connected your WooCommerce shop utilizing MonsterInsights

With MonsterInsights, you tin easy show apical products crossed your website. It offers a Popular Products characteristic that lets you adhd products astatine nan extremity of a blog station to boost conversions.

To study more, please spot our guideline connected how to show celebrated products connected WooCommerce merchandise pages.

3. Make High-Converting Sales Pages

You tin besides create high-converting income pages to beforehand different products and boost conversions successful your WooCommerce store.

A income page has a azygous purpose, which is to get group to bargain your products aliases services. A high-converting income page will person clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, engaging merchandise images, and different specifications to thief users bargain nan product.

You tin easy create high-converting income pages for WooCommerce utilizing SeedProd. It is nan champion WordPress page builder that lets you create civilization landing pages without editing code.

SeedProd's resistance and driblet page builder

SeedProd offers 300+ prebuilt templates, aggregate customization options, a drag-and-drop page builder, and more. It besides integrates pinch email trading devices and different third-party tools.

For step-by-step details, spot our guideline connected how to create a income page successful WordPress that converts.

4. Build an Email List and Promote Products

Did you cognize that email lists get 10 times higher conversions than societal media campaigns?

Building an email list for your WooCommerce shop tin thief amended your revenue. You tin show your subscribers astir nan latest products, promotional sales, upcoming campaigns, and more.

Example of a flash waste email blast

You tin besides nonstop targeted emails to circumstantial subscribers. For example, if you are launching a caller merchandise successful a circumstantial location, past you tin nonstop retired an email run for subscribers from that peculiar country.

To get started, you will request an email trading tool for illustration Constant Contact. It is very easy to use, and you tin easy cod email addresses, negociate them, and conception them into different groups. Plus, it helps you group up automated drip notifications and different email campaigns.

Create an automated workflow

Once you’ve started collecting emails, you tin return things 1 measurement further and effort different ways to turn your email list.

For example, you tin connection discounts, giveaways, and different incentives to customers successful speech for their email. You tin spot our complete guideline to uncover much ways to grow your email list.

5. Leverage Social Proof to Boost Conversions

Another elemental hack for converting WooCommerce visitors into customers is by showing societal proof.

People consciousness much comfortable pinch their buying decisions erstwhile they cognize others person besides bought nan aforesaid merchandise and had a awesome experience.

There are different ways to show societal impervious connected your WooCommerce store. For instance, you tin usage TrustPulse to show real-time personification activity notifications, specified arsenic nan latest merchandise purchase.

A notification, created utilizing TrustPulse

Besides that, you tin besides show testimonials and customer reviews connected nan merchandise page to boost societal proof.

They tin thief you summation spot from your visitors and promote them to acquisition nan product.

Preview for testimonials

You tin study much by pursuing our guideline connected how to adhd a customer reviews page successful WordPress.

Another measurement to boost conversions successful WooCommerce stores is by utilizing FOMO aliases fearfulness of missing out. You tin adhd a countdown timer to a discount run and promote users to make a acquisition earlier clip runs out.

Black Friday FOMO popup for WooCommerce

6. Run a Giveaway Contest

If you are looking for a measurement to boost engagement connected your website and summation eCommerce conversions, past running a viral giveaway contest is simply a awesome measurement of doing it.

A title gives your WooCommerce visitors a nosy logic to return to your shop and guidelines a chance to triumph free products.

In return, you tin inquire users to participate successful nan title by pursuing your societal media pages, signing up for an email newsletter, inviting a friend to participate, and more.

This way, you’ll besides turn your societal followers, summation your email list, beforehand your brand, and build a narration pinch your audience.

The champion measurement to tally a giveaway title is by utilizing RafflePress. It is nan champion giveaway plugin for WordPress that’s easy to use. RafflePress offers a drag-and-drop title builder pinch tons of customization options.

Host a giveaway

To study more, please spot our guideline connected how to create a WooCommerce contest to boost loyalty and engagement.

7. Upsell Products successful WooCommerce

Upselling is simply a method that encourages visitors to acquisition a higher-priced merchandise alternatively of nan 1 they already person successful their shopping cart.

These products mightiness person a higher value, connection much features, aliases person amended quality. As a result, they are besides much costly and much lucrative for your business.

For instance, let’s opportunity you are trading plugins aliases package successful your online store. You tin connection users a higher pricing scheme pinch much addons and upgrades than nan guidelines plan.

There are respective ways you tin upsell products successful WooCommerce. First, you tin show different products connected a merchandise page astatine nan bottommost and inquire visitors to bargain them instead. Or you tin create a popup to upsell peculiar products.

Upsell popup preview

Besides that, you tin besides showcase different products connected nan checkout page earlier a personification makes a purchase. Or you mightiness beforehand products connected nan thank you page, enticing a customer to bargain much items.

To study much specifications astir each of these methods, please spot our guideline connected how to upsell products successful WooCommerce.

8. Add Express Checkout Buttons

Another elemental method for boosting conversions successful your WooCommerce shop is offering definitive checkout buttons. This allows users to skip different steps successful nan checkout process and spell straight to nan costs page.

This provides a amended shopping acquisition for customers and makes nan buying process quicker. A personification tin simply click a fastener to make a purchase. As a result, you’ll spot much conversions and little cart abandonment.

Express checkout buttons preview

Please spot our guideline connected how to adhd definitive checkout buttons successful WooCommore to study more.

9. Offer a Personalized Experience to Users

Personalization helps you amended nan personification acquisition by making your contented much individual for each visitor. You tin create merchandise offerings for different users to boost WooCommerce conversions.

For example, you mightiness shake hands logged-in customers pinch their names, show them products based connected their browsing history, and connection them discounts aliases coupons.

Lightbox popup pinch yes nary optin

For much details, you tin spot our guideline connected how to show personalized contented to different users successful WordPress.

We dream this article helped you study really to person WooCommerce visitors into customers. You whitethorn besides want to spot our guideline connected really to enable customer search successful WooCommerce pinch Google Analytics and our master picks for nan must-have WordPress plugins for business websites.

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