How to Remove Parent Slug From Child Page URL in WordPress

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Are you wondering really to region nan genitor page slug from a kid page URL successful WordPress?

By default, WordPress adds nan genitor page’s slug arsenic a prefix to kid page URLs, and this is bully for SEO. However, immoderate group whitethorn not want nan genitor page slug successful nan URL.

In this article, we will show you really to region nan genitor page slug from a kid page URL successful WordPress.

How to Remove Parent Slug From Child Page URL successful WordPress

What Is a Parent Page Slug successful WordPress?

Your WordPress website comes pinch 2 main contented types called posts and pages.

Pages are hierarchical, which intends they tin person child pages. These kid pages are limited connected their genitor pages and typically screen subtopics related to nan parent.

For example, you mightiness person a ‘Products’ genitor page pinch ‘Pricing’, ‘Support’, and ‘Features’ kid pages.

By default, nan URL of a kid page successful WordPress will person its genitor page’s slug successful nan URL. Here’s an example:

Using URLs for illustration this is nan champion measurement to shape contented wrong a hierarchical page building connected your website. These URLs are considered champion believe for WordPress SEO and will make consciousness to your users erstwhile they publication them.

It’s usually not a bully thought to region nan genitor page slug. It tin perchance break nan URL, and immoderate experts judge it is little SEO-friendly. Sometimes, it whitethorn moreover origin conflicts pinch nan WordPress permalink structure.

In our experience, if you don’t want a genitor page slug successful your kid page URL, past nan champion attack is to not create a kid page astatine all. Instead, you tin simply create a normal page and usage a navigation menu to show that different pages beryllium nether that page.

Adding Child Items to a Menu

However, we understand that immoderate users whitethorn still want to usage kid pages and not see nan genitor page slug wrong nan URL.

That being said, let’s return a look astatine really to easy region nan genitor page slug from a kid page URL successful WordPress.

Removing Parent Page Slug From Child Page URL successful WordPress

The first point you request to do is instal and activate nan Custom Permalinks plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you request to edit nan kid page that you want to change. Under nan contented area, you will spot a ‘Custom Permalinks’ section wherever you tin alteration nan kid page URL.

Change kid page URL

The permalink section will show your page’s existent default URL. You conscionable request to click it and participate nan civilization URL you want to usage for your kid page.

In our example, nan hollywood-boulevarde page is simply a kid page oflocations, truthful nan default permalink is locations/hollywood-boulevarde.

We deleted nan locations genitor slug from nan URL, arsenic you tin spot successful nan screenshot below.

Custom page URL

Don’t hide to click nan ‘Update’ fastener to prevention your page and shop your URL changes.

After redeeming your changes, nan plugin will automatically redirect nan aged permalink to nan caller address. This intends your visitors will not spot a 404 error if they click a nexus aliases bookmark to nan page’s aged address.

When you position nan kid page, you will now announcement that its URL does not incorporate nan genitor slug.

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We dream this article helped you study really to region nan genitor page slug from a kid page URL successful WordPress. You whitethorn besides want to spot our guideline connected how to create a civilization page successful WordPress aliases our master picks for nan best resistance and driblet page builder plugins for WordPress.

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