How to Restrict WordPress Pages by User Role (3 Easy Ways)

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Do you want to restrict definite pages connected your website by personification role?

Many WordPress businesses request to power which users tin entree definite pages connected their websites.

In this article, we will show you really to easy restrict entree to definite WordPress pages by personification role.

How to restrict WordPress pages by personification role

Why Restrict WordPress Pages by User Role?

When you commencement a WordPress site, you mightiness want to restrict definite areas and pages based connected personification role. For instance, if you person a multi-author site, past you tin limit entree to circumstantial pages for writers and editors.

Restricting pages based connected personification roles is simply a communal usage lawsuit for membership sites. You tin limit pages connected your tract based connected nan user’s rank level. For example, only subscribers tin position nan video page aliases nan online people page.

By default, WordPress comes pinch a constricted group of devices to restrict contented connected your website. You tin create backstage and password-protected posts, but these features don’t let you to limit entree by personification role.

Luckily, location are respective WordPress plugins that let you to do conscionable that. You tin take 1 of them to restrict pages to definite users, personification groups, aliases personification roles.

Using these plugins, you tin create a rank website, pay-per-view websites, aliases moreover family blogs. You tin besides monetize your contented by adding paid subscriptions.

That being said, let’s return a look astatine really to decently restrict WordPress pages by personification role. We will beryllium showing you different plugins, you tin take nan 1 that champion suits your needs.

1. Restrict Pages by Membership utilizing MemberPress

MemberPress is 1 of nan best WordPress rank plugins successful nan market. It allows you to easy create rank websites pinch paid subscriptions. You tin group up contented restrictions and only let circumstantial personification roles to entree it.

MemberPress is simply a premium plugin, and you’ll request to motion up for an account. Simply sojourn nan website and click nan ‘Get MemberPress for WordPress’ button.


Next, you will request to instal and activate nan MemberPress plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, caput complete to nan MemberPress » Settings page to participate your licence key. You tin find nan cardinal successful your relationship area connected nan MemberPress website.

Adding a licence cardinal to your MemberPress plugin

Next, you request to caput complete to nan ‘Payments’ tab to group up payments.

Simply click nan ‘+ Add Payment Method’ action to get started.

The MemberPress costs gateway settings

MemberPress supports PayPal (Standard, Express, and Pro), Stripe,, and much retired of nan box. You tin prime nan costs methods you want to usage and supply nan required credentials.

Next, you request to sojourn nan MemberPress » Memberships page from nan WordPress dashboard and click connected nan ‘Add New’ fastener to create a rank plan.

Adding a caller rank subscription to WordPress

You will commencement by providing a title for this rank scheme and mounting pricing, billing type, and expiration settings.

After that, scroll down to nan ‘Membership Options’ meta container beneath nan station editor. This is wherever you tin group up different options for this peculiar rank plan.

Go up and click connected nan ‘Advanced’ tab nether rank options and click nan ‘User Roles for this Membership’ checkbox.

Check nan personification roles option

After that, you tin simply take a personification domiciled from nan fixed list.

Be observant erstwhile choosing a personification domiciled arsenic each user domiciled successful WordPress comes pinch its ain permissions. If you need, you tin besides create a custom personification role for nan rank plans connected your website.

You tin now people your rank plan.

If you want to adhd much rank plans, past you tin repetition nan process to adhd them.

Once you person created a rank plan, it is clip to group up rules to restrict entree to nan content.

Head complete to nan MemberPress » Rules page from nan WordPress dashboard and click connected nan ‘Add New’ fastener astatine nan top.

Adding a caller norm to your WordPress rank site

This will bring you to nan rules edit page wherever you tin prime different conditions and take which pages to restrict.

You tin click nan dropdown paper nether ‘Protect Content’ and take a rule.

Choose contented to restrict

For example, you tin prime each contented that matches a peculiar tag aliases category to beryllium disposable only to members pinch a rank scheme you created earlier. Or you tin prime a azygous page to restrict access.

If you’re choosing a class aliases tag to artifact access, past you’ll request to guarantee that nan contented is added to that peculiar class aliases tag.

You tin spot our guideline connected how to adhd categories and tags successful WordPress.

That’s all, you person successfully restricted pages successful WordPress by personification domiciled and rank utilizing MemberPress.

2. Limit Page Access by User Role utilizing Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is simply a awesome action to power who has entree to your website content. It besides allows you to adhd paid subscriptions and make money online from your rank website.

To start, you’ll request to sojourn nan Restricted Content Pro website and click nan ‘Get Started’ button.

Restricted Content Pro

Next, you’ll request to motion up for an account.

To group up page restrictions based connected personification roles, you tin usage nan free plan. Simply click nan ‘Get Started’ fastener nether nan Free plan.

Create a free restricted contented pro account

After that, a popup model will open.

You tin participate an email reside and click nan ‘Get Your Free Plugin’ button.

Sign up for a free restricted contented pro account

Next, you’ll person an email from Restrict Content Pro pinch nan download nexus for nan free plugin.

Go up and download nan plugin onto your computer.

From here, you will request to instal and activate nan Restrict Content Pro free plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you tin sojourn nan Restrict » Settings page from your WordPress dashboard and spell to nan ‘General’ tab.

Edit wide settings for restricted contented pro

Here, you tin edit different pages that nan plugin will automatically group up for your website.

Next, you’ll request to scroll down to nan ‘Restricted Content Message’ conception and adhd matter that users will spot if they’re unauthorized to position a page.

Enter restricted correction message

After that, you request to move to nan ‘Payments’ tab to prime a costs gateway.

Restrict Content Pro allows you to judge payments done PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and

Set up a costs work successful restricted contented pro

After selecting a costs method, you will beryllium capable to adhd credentials for each Payment method.

Don’t hide to prevention your settings erstwhile you’re done.

Now you request to edit nan pages aliases posts you want to beryllium restricted by personification roles.

Once you’re successful nan WordPress contented editor, simply scroll down to nan ‘Restrict this content’ meta box.

Select personification domiciled to restrict pages

From here, click nan dropdown paper nether nan Member entree section and prime nan ‘Members pinch a definite role’ option.

Next, you tin take nan personification domiciled you want to let to position nan page.

Choose personification roles to limit page access

When you’re done, simply update aliases people your content.

Restrict Content Pro besides allows you to create subscription levels. For much elaborate instructions, spot our guideline connected really to restrict contented to registered users successful WordPress.

3. Block Access to Course Pages utilizing LearnDash

LearnDash is nan best WordPress LMS plugin. It allows you to create and waste courses online. You tin usage its drag-and-drop people builder to create lessons, quizzes, and more.

It comes pinch built-in subscriptions allowing users to enroll into a people earlier they tin spot its contents. This enables you to restrict entree to people pages and monetize your website.

First, you’ll request to sojourn nan LearnDash website and motion up for an account.


Next, you request to instal and activate nan LearnDash plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, you request to sojourn nan LearnDash LMS » Settings page from nan WordPress dashboard.

Next, you request to move to nan ‘Payments’ tab and prime you’re preferred costs gateway.

Add costs gateway to LearnDash

Now you tin spell to nan LearnDash LMS » Courses page from your WordPress admin panel.

From here, click connected nan ‘Add New’ fastener to adhd your first course.

Add caller courses to LearnDash

Enter a title and explanation for your course.

The explanation portion will beryllium visible to each users to explicate what this people is about.

Enter title and explanation for your course

After that, you request to move to nan ‘Settings ‘tab successful nan people builder.

From here, simply scroll to nan ‘Access Mode’ section. The plugin allows you to create unfastened (public), free, bargain now, recurring, and closed people types.

If you prime nan ‘Buy now’ option, past you’ll request to participate a people price. Only users that subscribe will beryllium capable to entree your people pages.

Change entree mode settings

For free courses, your users will still request to enroll successful nan people by creating an account.

You tin now prevention aliases people your people and preview it connected your website.

Now that you person created a course, it is still empty. To capable it up you will request to adhd nan people contents for illustration lessons, quizzes, and assignments.

LearnDash is simply a powerful instrumentality to waste online courses while restricting entree to content. It useful really good pinch MemberPress to create subscription plans that automatically springiness users entree to different courses.

That’s each for now. We dream this article helped you study really to easy restrict WordPress pages by personification role. You whitethorn besides want to spot our eventual step-by-step WordPress information guide for beginners and must person WordPress plugins for business websites.

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