YouTube vs Vimeo – Which One is Better for WordPress Videos?

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Are you looking for a YouTube vs. Vimeo comparison to find retired which 1 is amended for embedding videos successful WordPress?

When it comes to uploading videos online, YouTube and Vimeo are nan 2 astir celebrated platforms connected nan market. They are some great, but they person their ain pros and cons.

In this article, we will comparison YouTube vs. Vimeo and stock their pros and cons to thief you take a level for your WordPress videos.

YouTube vs Vimeo - Which One is Better?

Why Use a Hosting Platform for WordPress Videos?

If you want to start a blog, past WordPress is nan astir popular blogging platform, utilized by 43% of each websites.

Many blogs see videos successful their contented to make it much engaging. While you tin straight upload your videos to WordPress, it is not designed to watercourse videos.

This is because videos are ample files, and astir WordPress hosting providers don’t connection servers optimized for video streaming. If aggregate users entree videos connected your website astatine once, past this could clang your server and summation bandwidth usage.

Plus, each personification has a different type of net connection, meaning your high-quality videos will return everlastingly to load connected slower net connections.

On nan different hand, you tin usage video hosting platforms for illustration YouTube aliases Vimeo that are designed to service videos. They person server resources and exertion to connection a acold amended video streaming acquisition than WordPress.

Plus, you tin easily embed these videos successful WordPress to amended your site’s SEO, monetize your content, and build a organization astir your brand.

For much connected this topic, spot our guideline connected why you should ne'er upload videos to WordPress.

That being said, let’s return a look astatine YouTube vs. Vimeo to find retired which 1 is amended for your WordPress videos. Here is an overview of nan topics we will screen successful this comparison:

1. Pricing

Both YouTube and Vimeo are for-profit companies, and their pricing options are based connected really they make money online.


YouTube has a wholly free scheme that comes pinch unlimited retention and bandwidth.

This is because YouTube chiefly earns money by showing advertisements connected nan platform. These ads are displayed wrong nan YouTube video player, nan sidebar, and nan YouTube app.

As a contented creator, you tin upload arsenic galore YouTube videos arsenic you want successful nan free plan. You tin moreover big YouTube unrecorded streams connected your channel.

However, it has immoderate limitations, arsenic you cannot upload videos larger than 15 minutes aliases monetize your videos pinch ads.

You tin easy summation this limit by verifying your account. You will request astatine slightest 100,000 subscribers to get verification.

Additionally, users tin acquisition a YouTube Premium subscription if they want to get ad-free viewing, video downloads, and more. Premium plans commencement astatine $13.99 per month.


Vimeo’s business exemplary is rather different from YouTube’s because nan level makes money by trading video hosting services. This allows publishers and small businesses to connection an ad-free viewing acquisition to their users.

Vimeo moreover has a free scheme that you tin use. However, it only allows you to create up to 2 videos per period (with a full of 25 videos) and is constricted to 500 MB of play storage.

Alternatively, you tin motion up for Vimeo Starter, Standard, aliases Advanced plans to entree much features.

Vimeo pricing

If you are conscionable starting your business, past we urge getting nan Starter scheme for $20/month, which allows you to upload 60 videos connected Vimeo.

2. Upload Limits

YouTube and Vimeo person different policies regarding really overmuch video contented you tin upload connected these platforms.


By default, you tin upload unlimited videos pinch YouTube’s free plan, but each video should beryllium nether 15 minutes.

However, aft verifying your account, you tin upload videos pinch up to 12 hours of playback aliases a 128GB record size.

You tin easy create a verified relationship connected YouTube by providing your telephone number and past adding nan verification codification sent connected your mobile. Note that you will request astatine slightest 100,000 subscribers to get verified.

This is very generous and reasonably reasonable for each types of contented creators.


On nan different hand, Vimeo has different limitations connected nan upload size for each plan.

  • Free: 500 MB per week and up to 5 GB total
  • Plus: 5 GB per week up to 250 GB per year
  • Pro: 20 GB per week up to 1 TB per year
  • Business: No play limits and up to 5 TB full storage

You tin spot nan elaborate comparison of each Vimeo plans. This intends that nan upload limit connected Vimeo will dangle connected nan pricing scheme that you take for your videos.

3. Audience Size and Reach

Both platforms person a immense personification guidelines and a dedicated following. Vimeo and YouTube moreover connection video-sharing options and societal features to further summation your contented reach.


When it comes to assemblage size and reach, YouTube is nan victor because it has complete 2 cardinal monthly users.

It is owned by Google, meaning that YouTube has much visibility than Vimeo. Plus, almost each nan Android phones successful nan world travel pinch nan YouTube app pre-installed.

Due to boasting a immense community, YouTube is besides considered nan world’s 2nd astir wide utilized hunt engine.

The level recommends videos to viewers based connected their watch history aliases interests, lets you adhd extremity screens and cards to your videos to beforehand different videos, and moreover comes pinch features for illustration polls and unrecorded chats to further summation reach.


Vimeo has astir 260 cardinal monthly viewers and 1.9 cardinal subscribers, which is overmuch less than YouTube.

However, nan level is increasing astatine a important complaint and is trusted by much than 287 cardinal creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses worldwide.

Vimeo stats

Vimeo besides offers different features that tin thief amended your channel’s reach. For example, it has a hunt characteristic that allows users to hunt for videos, people, channels, and groups.

It besides has a content find feature that shows applicable videos successful nan sidebar. However, by design, they are not arsenic noticeable arsenic connected YouTube.

Similarly, Vimeo has a Groups characteristic wherever users tin create and participate successful groups. Users tin besides limit group contented visible only to its members.

Plus, nan level shows unit picks connected its homepage that are hand-selected by Vimeo’s staff.

4. Privacy Controls

Not each publishers want their contented to beryllium seen by everyone. For example, if you are selling online courses aliases moving a video rank website, past you will want to restrict video entree to paying subscribers only.

Let’s cheque retired really some platforms let publishers to power nan privateness of their videos.


YouTube offers 3 privateness settings for nan videos that you upload connected your channel:

  • Public – These videos are publically accessible by anyone. They tin beryllium searched, listed, and displayed each crossed YouTube.
  • Unlisted – These videos tin beryllium accessible by anyone who has nan URL. However, they will not look successful YouTube searches aliases related videos.
  • Private – These videos are only visible to you and nan circumstantial users you choose.
Privacy controls successful YouTube

Apart from these settings, you tin besides disable comments aliases nan like/dislike buttons connected your videos.

Plus, YouTube lets you forestall nan embedding of your videos connected immoderate website. Keep successful mind that this mounting will besides artifact you from embedding videos connected your ain WordPress website.

Overall, YouTube is not nan perfect level if you want to big backstage videos.


In position of privateness controls, Vimeo is superior to YouTube. It lets you make your videos public, private, aliases unlisted and moreover lets you hide them connected Vimeo.

This intends that your video tin beryllium embedded and viewed connected your WordPress site, but it will not person a homepage connected Vimeo.

Vimeo privateness controls

If you are utilizing a paid plan, past you tin besides restrict video embeds to your website only. Plus, you tin password-protect your videos truthful that only nan users pinch nan password tin position and stock them.

You tin past adhd those videos to password-protected posts connected your WordPress website.

If you want to person much power complete who tin watch your online videos, past Vimeo is simply a overmuch amended platform.

5. Video Editing

Both platforms connection awesome devices to upload, edit, and negociate your videos. Let’s return a look astatine nan video editing options for YouTube vs. Vimeo.


YouTube offers powerful video editing features that let you to create videos from your antecedently uploaded videos, photos, titles, and more.

You tin besides make videos utilizing your videos and photos successful Google Photos.

YouTube video editing

Their web-based video editing devices connection a elemental and easy video-creating process wherever you tin easy trim aliases harvest immoderate unwanted footage, adhd audio effects, adhd matter and overlays to your videos, usage modulation effects, and more.

YouTube allows you to adhd links, annotations, captions, and subtitles to your videos. It besides offers a unrecorded streaming characteristic wherever you tin unrecorded broadcast events, news, aliases conscionable casual vlogs.


Vimeo does not connection arsenic galore video editing features arsenic YouTube. However, it does supply each nan basics you’ll need.

It allows you to adhd video titles, descriptions, categories, tags, licenses, and assemblage ratings. You tin besides upload captions and subtitles to your videos.

However, Vimeo does not person note features, truthful you cannot adhd clickable links to your videos.

Vimeo video editing

Some of Vimeo’s different editing features see trimming and cropping videos, audio effects, matter overlays, modulation effects, surface cards, colour correction and grading, curve editing, custom watermarks, and more.

The champion point astir Vimeo is that you tin moreover switch your video pinch a newer type without having to alteration nan video URL aliases stats. This is thing that you cannot do connected YouTube without uploading a caller video pinch a wholly caller URL.

This circumstantial characteristic is really useful because if you made a correction aliases conscionable request to update footage successful your tutorials, past you tin easy do truthful while keeping each nan position count and nan aforesaid video URLs. This besides helps you keep your contented fresh, which tin thief thrust much traffic.

6. Monetization Options

Both platforms let their users to make money online from their videos. Let’s comparison Vimeo vs. YouTube for monetization options.


YouTube allows contented creators to subordinate nan YouTube partner programme by signing up for Google AdSense to monetize their videos. Creators past get a trim of nan ads displayed connected their videos.

However, you will first request to beryllium astatine slightest 18 years old, person 4,000 watch hours successful nan past 12 months, and person 1,000 subscribers connected your YouTube channel to subordinate nan program.

YouTube monetization

YouTube besides allows contented creators to usage different monetization options.

For example, publishers tin waste products successful their videos, adhd paid reviews, subordinate affiliate programs, get sponsors for their videos, inquire for donations, and more.

Many of YouTube’s astir celebrated contented creators besides usage platforms for illustration Patreon, wherever viewers tin straight support their transmission pinch donations.


Vimeo prides themselves connected offering an ad-free video level because they do not person an advertizing programme that you tin subordinate to gain money.

However, they do connection a “Vimeo connected Demand” characteristic wherever you tin waste videos straight to viewers. You’ll request astatine slightest a Vimeo Pro account to subordinate nan program.

Vimeo connected demand

Similarly, you tin besides create and waste subscription plans that will let viewers to entree exclusive contented for illustration early entree to caller videos, behind-the-scenes content, and discounts connected merchandise.

With Vimeo, you tin moreover host unrecorded events for illustration concerts, webinars, and workshops that users tin salary to watch.

Another measurement to make money is to mention sponsors successful your Vimeo videos, adhd links successful video descriptions, and inquire users to support your transmission connected platforms for illustration Patreon.

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Which One Is Better?

YouTube and Vimeo are some awesome video hosting platforms that are easy to use. They connection fantabulous video editing features, make it ace easy to embed videos connected your website, and moreover supply galore ways to make money online.

If you person conscionable started a WordPress blog aliases person a mini business and want to usage videos to build a subscriber guidelines and scope a overmuch larger audience, past YouTube will beryllium amended for your goals.

However, if you person a website pinch rank options, waste courses, aliases big webinars aliases unrecorded events, past you will request much privateness and a top-notch viewing experience. That’s erstwhile Vimeo is simply a amended choice.

Bonus: How to Embed TikTok Videos successful WordPress

YouTube and Vimeo are 2 of nan astir celebrated video hosting platforms. If you are looking to scope an moreover larger audience, past you mightiness besides see utilizing TikTok.

This societal media level has much than 1 cardinal monthly users and is peculiarly celebrated among young audiences. You tin besides embed TikTok videos into your WordPress tract to get much views, engagement, and social media followers.

By creating and adding TikTok videos to your site, you tin amended your website’s SEO by making your contented much adjuvant to users and moreover build marque awareness.

An illustration of a TikTok video, embedded successful a WordPress website

If you person a WooCommerce store, past you tin besides usage nan TikTok level to showcase your products and summation conversions.

For elaborate instructions, conscionable spot our tutorial connected how to embed TikTok successful WordPress.

We dream this article helped you study much astir YouTube vs Vimeo and which is amended for your WordPress videos. You whitethorn besides want to spot our step-by-step guideline connected how to commencement a podcast and our comparison of nan best video editing software.

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